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Nepal is known to be the destination for Everest trekkers but some may also remember that this is a country devoted to their religions. The country’s capital, Kathmandu, is strewn with several historical and religious sites which require a few days’ visit. Therefore, rather than to make Kathmandu a transit point, do spend time to admire the mountainous and cultural city if you have a chance!

5 Things to Do in Kathmandu, Nepal

The view while walking downhill at Pharping

Herewith my list of 5 things to do in Kathmandu Valley:


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At the request of a friend, I am compiling some of the popular eateries in Niseko in aid of her trip planning. I have consolidated this food list after gathering feedback from friends who have been to Niseko.

If you intend to visit in end December which is the peak season, you may need to start planning your accommodation now and consider restaurant reservations! Popular restaurants get fully booked in advanced such that you could end up having to walk in and wait outside in the cold or try your luck at less popular restaurants.

The Niseko Food List - Recommended Restaurants in Niseko

Delicious Chirashi


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Because I cannot get away from beauty blog posts, which serves as a reminder of my past life as a fashion & beauty blogger. Let’s review some personal tips on packing the beauty pouch for trips.

5 Tip for Packing your Travel Beauty Kit

I wish I am chilling by the pool right now


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As MsGlitzy.com approaches its 7th anniversary… I have decided to bid this chapter of my life a farewell and the site will no longer be updated.

I have been toying with this idea for a long while.

Over the years, the blogging scene has changed. Readers’ preferences and demographics have changed. But what’s undeniable is, my interests have changed.

Blogging is not a job to me. If it is no longer sustained by passion, I am not sure what’s left.

Therefore, I decided to hit the brake on MsGlitzy.com and move on to another area of interest that is now closer to my heart.

I will be running a travel blog from now on – at TheTList.net. I have converted my Instagram and Twitter to the new handle “thetlistnet“.

The MsGlitzy.com domain, as well as Facebook page will remain. If you come across any other social media channel with the username “msglitzy”, please note that it is not owned by yours truly.

I would like to thank everyone for your support – readers who are still following this site, brands and PRs who still include me in your distribution lists, fellow bloggers whom I have met occasionally at events. Perhaps, I would also like to urge you to remember those simpler days of fashion and beauty blogging before it reached today’s state of fast updates and overexposed flatlay photos. I would also like to urge you to ponder about the social responsibility and influence of bloggers, such as in 2010, many local bloggers came together to support a cause to help women in need.

MsGlitzy.com started in 2009, while we were reeling from the aftermath of the GFC. I am not sure why I was blogging in third person then, I was clearly not in the most matured frame of mind at that time but today, I am proud to have developed this blog for one full financial cycle (haha!).

Onward to the next chapter… Farewell, and hello from the other side.


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Imagine this: You realised you are out of your favourite moisturizer/shampoo/foundation/serum* (pick anyone) and you just have no time to hit the stores to make a purchase. If only you could just place a few clicks online and get your items delivered the next day.

Imagine this again: You need a haircut/manicure/brow threading/massage session* (pick anyone) badly and the telephone line of the salon is constantly engaged. If only you could just place a few clicks online to secure the appointment booking.

So, the purpose of my post today is to share with three sites that would make your life a lot easier. You can thank me later.



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The fingers are itchy and it feels like time to go checkout my imaginary shopping cart again – and well, attempt to turn dreams to reality.

If you haven’t been too adventurous with your outfits, a statement clutch is a great accessory inject some fun and personality. If you are meeting some new friends and have absolutely nothing to talk about, that statement clutch could be a starting point!

The conversation could go like this… “OH POLO is like my favourite mint! My mom used to feed me with that!” (and you start doing a little wave with your new Polo cylindrical clutch.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?


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I am a regular consumer of bird’s nest, but I usually go for the bottled one. It is a convenient way to enjoy bird’s nest, but once in a while I do get a little concerned about my sugar intake from the sweet syrup.

Recently, I met up with one of my friends who is now the founder of Nature’s Nest. This new brand in the market processes bird’s nest in an organic manner and makes it easier to cook and prepare. All it takes is 30 minutes of soaking and 30 minutes in the double boiler.




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